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The Clay Legacy Association was founded May 17th, 2005. The association became an Alabama non-profit organization on August 17, 2005. Then on March 8th, 2007, the trustees voted to change its name to the Clay Historical Society.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clay Historical Society is to:

  1. foster an awareness and appreciation  of local historical, cultural and environmental legacies that reflect the heritage of the city of Clay
  2. to promote the preservation, use and documentation of the legacies to encourage preservation of privately and publicly owned historic structures and properties by providing assistance, when feasible
  3. and to encourage and support new construction that is sensitive to the historic character of Clay.

Purposes and Goals

The Clay Historical Society is an Alabama non-profit corporation and is tax exempt under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

The Clay Historical Society was founded to preserve and promote the stewardship of our irreplaceable historical, environmental, and cultural resources and to ensure that they are recognized in local, state, and federal planning processes so we can progress in a way that honors our past.

The goals of the association include restoration, preservation and use of historical structures and properties; preservation, documentation, and presentation of the history of Clay; promotion of points-of-interest for heritage and promotion of the conservation of environmental resources, such as the internationally recognized Cahaba River, which originates near the northern boundary of Clay and flows though Clay.

Our Accomplishments

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Due to early intervention, Clay’s historic 1905 Jayfe Ware farmhouse stands as a proud, lasting remnant of a farmstead of bygone days. In May 2006, Clay Legacy was awarded the Thomas Jefferson Award by the Jefferson County Historical Commission for our work to preserve the farmstead.

The farmhouse has been restored and is now the Clay Public Library. Some of our area’s historical pictures and artifacts are on display and other historical records are available to view by appointment. We have also provided a number of furniture pieces for the library and we continue to support it in many other ways.

We have provided historical markers for the origin of the Cahaba River, Wear Cemetery and Jayfe Ware house. We also wrote the text for the Clay community historical marker.

Our work to preserve Clay’s heritage includes researching historical photos and documents and recording stories and memories shared by local residents.

We also continue to host and sponsor various events and celebrations in Clay.

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