Wear Cemetery Dedication

Your Clay Historical Society recently finished a project that we have been working on for a long time in coordination with the City Of Clay. This project was the clean up and protection of the historic Wear Cemetery here in Clay. Some of the items we accomplished were:

  • Complete cleanup of the cemetery grounds (vegetation and trash)
  • Resetting grave markers as accurately as possible
  • Two park benches for the cemetery
  • A beautiful wrought iron fence surrounding the cemetery grounds
  • clean up and restoration of the Samuel Wear grave marker

On Saturday, June 9, 2012 we had a dedication ceremony for the new Wear Cemetery and had quite a crowd! Some in attendance were: Jackie Hambrick (CAHS Member and Clay City Council Member), Josh Self (CAHS Member), Ron and Rikki (Wear) Self (CAHS Member and President) and their children Adam (with his family) and Amy, L.B and Pat Feemster (CAHS Members and Clay City Council Member), Faye Crawford (CAHS Member), Buddy Williams, Mayor Ed McGuffie and many more joined us to help celebrate one of our most historic and cherished venues here in Clay.

We also had the privilege of three ladies from the Daughters of the American Revolution attending the dedication and speaking.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the City Of Clay for their interest, dedication and contribution to the Wear Cemetery project. This is something that the city can be proud of for years to come!

Links to news stories about the cemetery:

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