Copyright free and historical photos of historic Clay and its citizens available to all.

Alvin Huff with carriage

Alvin Huff and carriage

3 Responses to “Photos”
  1. Sharon Garrett says:

    I would love to see any old pictures about the area. My husband and I moved to Clay a year and half ago and we love it out here. We both love the history of the city of Clay. Thank you.

  2. Linda Hicks says:

    My husband has lived in Clay all his life and has told me Alvin Huff owned a blacksmith shop near where Carroll pharmacy is now located.

    • Josh Self says:

      That is correct! Alvin was my great grandfather on my grandmother’s side. I might have some pictures of it somewhere. The Huff house was in the vacant lot to the right of Carroll’s and was still around until the early 2000s. A gate that he made is still hidden in the brush between the old elementary school (that was just torn down this week) and his property.

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